Meet Brandon

Meet Brandon Meet Brandon:  Home at Tamarind’s First Resident. Home at Tamarind was developed in collaboration with the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, GL Homes, the City of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County.  It is comprised of 6, 1 bedroom/1 bath apartments designed as low income housing specifically for individuals with developmental disabilities.  All of the apartments have specifications to accommodate ADA requirements.  Brandon is a 50 year old man who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  He is outgoing, intelligent and has a great sense of humor.  Prior to coming to Gulfstream Goodwill’s Home at Tamarind, Brandon was residing in a boarding house that he stated lacked security, was dirty, and overpriced; leaving him little money left-over after paying rent from his disability income.  He expressed that the former residence was not taken care of by the landlord and that he did not feel safe living there.  When Brandon arrived at Home at Tamarind, he had a huge smile on his face and expressed feeling very happy to be there.  Brandon states: “I am from Colorado.  I have been in Florida for almost 2 years and have experienced a lot in Florida.  I am pleased to say that things are becoming more stable for me.  I enjoy spending time on the internet.  I like to do research.  I like to sit in on Board meetings for various non-profits.  I enjoy spending my time volunteering for non-profits.” 

Brandon and all the other residents at Home at Tamarind will receive the support of a full time Master’s level counselor who will be working with the residents to assist them in achieving goals they develop for themselves.

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