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When you first meet Alphonso, you will see a kind and warm person. Alphonso reported that he strives to be humble and peaceful. He stated that he was not always like that and has made some poor choices in his past.

Alphonso felt as if his life was over when he was sentenced to 25 years in 1996. He believed he was not going to be able to have a future after his released. He had no direction or guidance on how to rebuild upon reentering the community. He attempted to take some classes while in prison, but he did not have the direction or support to know what to do with them once he was release. Alphonso then met with one of the Gulfstream Goodwill Industries (GGI) case managers during a pre-release meeting. It was at this point Alphonso saw the guidance and support he needed to re-establish himself. Because of the hope he saw, Alphonso decided to turn his will and life over to God and to commit to all the education and training that he could obtain while incarcerated for an opportunity to advance post release. He reported, “The change must come from within me.” Once he decided to change, he was able to complete his GED and obtained an AA Degree in Psychology with Honors amongst many other certificates. He did what he could in order to have success after incarceration.

Once Alphonso was released, he started working with GGI case manager in the community and was excited to start his new journey with the support from the program. Since enrollment in Adult Reentry Services, he has continued to seek help from a higher power to make great resourceful strives to not only improve his life but make an impact on his community. Through post release funds the case manager provided the items needed for his new employment opportunities. As well as, budgeting and banking education to assist Alphonso in financial stability. He was able to start detailing cars and landscaping, to carry out his entrepreneurship. He purchased a van to store his landscaping equipment, pressure cleaning and subcontractor materials through his money earned with GGI support.

Alphonso reported, “without the help from Gulfstream Goodwill I would not have been able to rebuild my life”. In the passing months, while landscaping and pressure cleaning homes in his community, he applied to a Pest Control company and secured a full-time position with health benefits. It is evident that Alphonso was able to improve his life after re-entering the community. He was able to avoid recidivating, build personal relationships and demonstrate hard, honest work ethics and in order to improve his community. He recently got engaged, reunify with family members, attends church services, speak at services and began writing an Autobiography to uplift others. He hoped that his story would save other from life without hope.

Below is an excerpt from his writings “Overcoming”: “I hope and pray that this book will be an inspiration and an enlightenment to someone who may be going down the wrong path. To someone who may be doing time in the system with hopes and dreams to change. I want them to know that there is a life after doing time in the system. I want them to know that there is a way out after doing time and there is a way out of the madness of crimes, jails, prisons and the corruptions of this world system.”

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