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Meet Alphonso

When you first meet Alphonso, you will see a kind and warm person. Alphonso reported that he strives to be humble and peaceful. He stated that he was not always

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Elaine at her retirement
Thank You, Elaine!

Elaine Sidenius retired after 21 years of service to Gulfstream Goodwill Industries as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and President of GGI. Elaine, thank you for your 21 years

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Victory Emmanuel
Emmanuel Victory Page

Celebrating the Victories! Emmanuel didn’t have it easy; in 2010 he was living in Haiti when it was struck by an earthquake. He was buried in rubble for four days,

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Meet Ian

Hello my name is Ian!  I have been working for Gulfstream Goodwill for over 5 years now at the Saint Lucie County rest area as the rest area attendant. I

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Meet Ophelia

Ophelia is a 57-year old female who grew up in Miami Florida. She suffers from bipolar schizophrenia and anger problems. Ophelia’s father died when she was just 7 years old

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Meet Zoraida

Zoraida has graduated in the class of 2020. She places this graduation as one of her greatest accomplishments thus far, but identified this as just the beginning to her successes.

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Meet Brandon
Meet Brandon

Meet Brandon:  Home at Tamarind’s First Resident. Home at Tamarind was developed in collaboration with the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, GL Homes, the City of West Palm Beach and Palm

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