2021 Goodwill Week

Goodwill Week Schedule:
Click on the links to see stories, videos, or information on our various programs that make a difference in the lives of people in your community.

Sunday 5/2: Goodwill Week Kicks Off!
· Congratulations from Florida’s Governor
· Good Willy Welcome Message
· History of Goodwill Industries
· Kevin Bender talks Goodwill Week and more on South Florida Sunday Radio Interview
· #WhyILoveGGI Contest begins in retail stores

Monday 5/3: Focus on Retail
· Executive team thank you to our over 900 employees
· Your donation can help change a life. Learn how.
· Our Employee MVP Program
· 5 pm: City of West Palm Beach proclaims this week as Goodwill Week in West Palm Beach. Click here to watch it live.

Tuesday 5/4: Focus on Housing
· See the timeline of our various housing programs
· Victory Story: From John Prince Park to A Home
· Victory Story: Saving A Life
· Impact of Lake Villages at the Glades

Wednesday 5/5: Focus Employment
· Victory Story: From Incarceration to Employed
· Meet Our Rev. Helms Excellence Award Nominees
· Victory Stories From Our Programs
· Impact of Reinvesting in Ourselves

Thursday 5/6: Focus on Training
· Adult Day Training: Why I love Goodwill
· Why Gulfstream Goodwill Transitions Academy (GGA)
· Victory Story: GGA Graduates

Friday 5/7: Our Community
· Executive Board Chair Joan McCabe’s tell us Why Goodwill
· Thank You for Supporting Gulfstream Goodwill
· Participants: Why I love Goodwill
· 10 am Reverend Edgar James Helms Award Winners are announced on Facebook Live. Click here to watch.

Saturday 5/8: Share the Good
· Gulfstream Goodwill Team volunteers at Red Apple Supply
· Winner of the #WhyILoveGoodwill Contest is announced

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Goodwill Week Celebrates The Power Of Teamwork May 2nd-8th

Every year during the first full week of May, Goodwill organizations across the United States and Canada celebrate Goodwill Industries Week to highlight the mission of local Goodwills— Changing Lives through Employment, Training, and Housing.

This year, Goodwill Week runs May 2 ­– 8. Throughout the week, Gulfstream Goodwill Industries (GGI) will share the Victories they have achieved over the past year, including:

  • Opening two homeless shelters that provide an array of integrated, tailored services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, guiding them to increased stability and independence;
  • Providing education, training, and employment services for over 500 individuals who faced barriers to independence and obstacles to work, helping them achieve meaningful employment and sustainable wages; and
  • Repurposing over 8 million pounds of donated goods from impacting our landfills and environment.

“This week is meant to highlight the hard work of our team and the participants in our programs that provide individuals with the means to create better lives for themselves and their families. As the leading health, human, and social service organization across five counties in South Florida, GGI is much more than just our stores – we move individuals from a life of dependency to one of self-sufficiency. More than 165,000 residents in Palm Beach County live below the poverty line, and COVID-19 has only intensified the need to support those most vulnerable. The work GGI did in 2020 to empower, educate, and employ people is a testament to the passion we have for making a difference in the lives of our neighbors,”

Gulfstream Goodwill is making a DIFFERENCE in your community. Make a donation today by clicking the link below.

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