Champions of Good

Our Giving Society

The Champions of Good Giving Society honors those who generously support the mission of Gulfstream Goodwill. These forward-thinking donors demonstrate their steadfast commitment to the vulnerable people in our community, as well as future generations, who are intellectually disabled or chronically homeless.

Donors of Dignity

Joan McCabe

Donors of Opportunity

Donna Smolens

Kurt Jetta

Mike Cowan

Susana Alberti  

Doug Cambell

Donors of Hope

Ann Samenuk

Armand Pastilha

Harry Leopold

Kasey and Patrick Daley

Peter Krones 

Good Friend Donor

Cedric Thomas

Clive Stuart Findlay

David Mezzapelle 

Dede Trefts

Donn & Jenny Githens

Don and Penny Pray

Eddie Jackson

Justin Cervantes

Keith Kennedy

Laurel Baker

Lyman Phillips

Mark Moss 

Nancy Rockett

Robert G. Premuroso

Scott Hankins

Stacey Alcorn

Stephen Morris

William Liebowitz

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