Gulfstream Goodwill FAQs:

Is Gulfstream Goodwill a Non-Profit Organization? Yes. Gulfstream Goodwill is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides job training, employment placement, and other services to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Is Gulfstream Goodwill run by an international corporation? Gulfstream Goodwill is an independent, local organization. Our employees and clients live and work in our regional territory, of the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast. 91% of the revenue earned goes back into the local community by funding our programs and mission.

Goodwill Industries International (GII) is based in Maryland, and oversees 156 Goodwill organizations in the United States, Canada, and 12 other countries. To meet the needs of each individual community, each Goodwill organization designs its own structure, programs, and services to help serve local people in need.

For every dollar earned at Gulfstream Goodwill, through the sale of donated items, 91¢ is reinvested back into our social services programs and our community. For monetary charitable donations, the percent reinvested is 100%. We stand behind our vision to have “vibrant communities, free of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment”.

Is Gulfstream Goodwill just a thrift store? No. We are so much more than just a thrift store. From the sales of donated items in our stores, 91 cents of every dollar is funneled back into our community. Our stores exist to help cover the cost of our Mission Services. This includes Employment, Training and Housing services. For more information on the Mission Services please click the following link: https://goggi.org/mission-services/

What are the hours of operation for Gulfstream Goodwill? Gulfstream Goodwill’s hours of operation vary by location. You can find the hours of operation for your nearest Gulfstream Goodwill location on our website by clicking here: https://goggi.org/store-locations/

What types of donations does Gulfstream Goodwill accept? Gulfstream Goodwill accepts donations of clothing, furniture, electronics, and other household goods. We also accept donations of cars, boats, and other vehicles.

How do I donate to Gulfstream Goodwill? You can donate to Gulfstream Goodwill by visiting one of our Attended Donation Centers. For locations and hours of operations click here: https://goggi.org/donation-centers/

Does Gulfstream Goodwill pick up donations? Yes. You can schedule a pickup by clicking here: https://goggi.org/furniture-oversized-items/

Can I donate Money to Gulfstream Goodwill? Yes. You can make monetary donations by going to our website here: https://goggi.org/give-now/

How does Gulfstream Goodwill use the donations it receives? Gulfstream Goodwill uses the donations it receives to provide job training, employment placement, and other services to people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. We have a strict policy against employees purchasing items before they reach the sales floor. There is a waiting period for employees to purchase any donated items. Additionally, Goodwill employees are not allowed to purchase Color of the Week items, ensuring the best deals are available for our customers.

Are unpurchased donated goods sent to landfills or third-world countries? Shopping second-hand is one of the best ways to be sustainable and keep things out of landfills. Currently, Gulfstream Goodwill has a landfill diversion rate of almost 80%, with a goal to increase it to 90%. Donated goods at Goodwill go through a lifecycle. If they’re not sold in-store within 30 days, they’re transferred to a Goodwill Outlet Store, where everything is available at a super-low bulk price. If they’re still not purchased, they then make their way to our recycling facility at Resupply.

Every item donated to Goodwill is greatly appreciated and used to the best of our ability to fund our mission.

Can I claim an IRS Deduction for items I’ve donated? Yes. Gulfstream Goodwill is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and donated goods made to us are tax-deductible. We will provide you with a receipt once you’ve made a donation or you can keep track of your donations electronically by registering here Donation Receipts – Gulfstream Goodwill (goggi.org)

What are the benefits of donating to Gulfstream Goodwill? There are many benefits to donating to Gulfstream Goodwill. Any ‘profits’ generated from donations are reinvested back into our mission. When you donate to Gulfstream Goodwill, you are helping to support our mission programs and services that provides Housing, Training, Education and Employment; giving a hand up to people with any barrier to independence become self-sufficient working members of our communities.

How can I find out more about Gulfstream Goodwill? You can find out more about Gulfstream Goodwill and how you can help us with our Mission program and services by visiting our website at www.goggi.org or by calling us at 561-848-7200.

Does Goodwill pays its CEO millions of dollars? No. From time to time, this fake rumor circulates on social media. As does the false rumor that the organization is run by someone named Mark Curran. This is an old rumor that started as a chain email, about a fake CEO who makes millions off Goodwill donations. Goodwill does not have an owner and has never had a staff member on board named Mark Curran. As a nonprofit organization, Goodwill is run like any other charity, by a volunteer board of directors. No CEO in the Goodwill system has ever made “millions of dollars” as an annual salary. We use $0.91 cents out of every $1 dollar raised in our stores, to help fund our programs. We help over 7,000 local people with job training and job placements. Our case managers are experienced social workers who don’t just help people with their resumes, we also provide life navigation for long-term poverty issues, child care, subsidized housing, addiction recovery and more. In addition to workforce services, our revenues fund our services at 4 homeless shelters, hundreds of temporary and permanent supportive housing units, a charter school and day programs for people with disabilities, and re-entry for youth and adults who have been incarcerated. Goodwill is here to help people work through all the things that make life hard. No one at Goodwill is making millions of dollars, but we are making a good impact in the community, for vulnerable people who need help.

Does Gulfstream Goodwill pay people with disabilities pennies per hour? No. Our mission is to provide work opportunities and training to people with employment barriers, regardless of ability. Gulfstream Goodwill never pays its employees below minimum wage. All Gulfstream Goodwill team

members start out earning minimum wage, which is currently at $11 per hour. Team members also receive Goodwill-funded employee benefits.

It is true that a 14C sub-minimum wage certificate enables employers to pay people with disabilities less than minimum wage, and some Goodwill organizations have used these in the past. However, Gulfstream Goodwill does not use this certificate and always pays employees fair minimum wages.

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