Adult Day Training

Transitions is a day program for adults who have developmental disabilities. Gulfstream Goodwill operates several Transitions Programs. Participants may attend the program one to five days per week.


Enhance Job Skills
Supported employment
Career exploration
On the job training
Literacy classes
Computer classes
Tour local businesses
Employment search strategies
Stress management
Video library (careers)


Personal Growth
Talent/Fashion show
Life skill classes
Community events
Current events
Meal prep classes
Health and safety
Discussion groups
Money management
Banking and budgeting
Social skills and etiquette


Health and Wellness
Fitness activities
Personal trainer
Walking group
Healthy cooking classes
Healthy decision-making classes
Nutrition classes
Zumba/dance classes
Wii Fitness, Wii Resort and Wii Dance


For more information contact Lisa Mason at (561) 214-8726 ext 2200 or email

Art from the Heart


Adult Day Training Art Sale! Click for more information!
Our Adult Day Training participants have been hard at work creating wonderful art cards that you can purchase to support the program! This Micro-Enterprise allows individuals with development disabilities who have artistic abilities to hone their talent and learn business skills. You will love their artwork and creativity!

Purchase Art Cards from Adult Day Training Artists. Click here to purchase.

Employment Training Programs

Gulfstream Goodwill Industries offers a variety of employment training programs including Career Counseling Information and Referral, Pre-Employment Training, Career Camps, Work Readiness Training and Financial Literacy Training.


CCIR (Career Counseling Information and Referral)
The courses are offered to 14(c) agencies operating piece rate workshops. The 4 hour courses prepare participants for competitive work experiences and expectations of working a minimum wage or higher position.

Pre-Employment Training
These courses are designed to help students with disabilities prepare for a career, continue their education, or find employment after high school. Students have the opportunity to participate in career counseling, work readiness training, and integrated work experiences while enrolled in school. Flexible schedules are offered to accommodate school attendance.

Career Camps
Career Camps teach Pre-Employment curriculum and are offered during the summer and holiday breaks.

Work Readiness Training
In partnership with the Community Action Program (CAP) of Palm Beach County, our trainers offer evidence based trainings on pre and post-employment skills. Example modules include: Team Building, Resume Writing, Mock Interviews and Critique, Motivation on the Job, Career Advancement/Development, and Ethics.

Financial Literacy Training
A series of financial education modules tailored to each participant’s capability and need. The modules include pre/post-test assessments to certify competency.


For more information about any of these programs, contact Lisa Mason at (561) 214-8726 ext 2200 or email

Justice Services - Youth

Gulfstream Goodwill industries offers several programs for youth who have interacted with the justice system. The goal of these programs is to empower at-risk youth to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their personal, current and future potential.

Supervised Release Program
The Supervised Release (SR) Program is funded through Palm Beach County Youth Services and includes Home Detention and Intensive Home Detention. This program allows participants, ages eight to 18, who would otherwise be court ordered to remain secure in the juvenile detention center (DJJ) to be redirected to their own community with support and supervision.

The program will reduce the number of youths in detention, deter future criminal activity and assist the youth in being in compliance with the court ordered rules of supervision.

Case Manager will provide comprehensive case management which includes home detention monitoring services for youth, youth personal development plan, support services, linkage to community resources for the youth and family and pro-social activities.

Supervised Release program will assist the youth by assessing their needs and providing individual services and resources to meet the needs and motivate the youth to set and accomplish goals for success.


For more information about our youth justice services, please contact Director of Justice Services Laura Waterman (561) 848-7200, ext. 2284, or


Justice Services - Adult

Palm Beach County and Gulfstream Goodwill Industries work in collaboration with the Florida Department of Corrections (DC) to provide re-entry services to individuals who are returning home from a period of incarceration to Palm Beach County Communities.


Second Chance Act (SCA)
Gulfstream Goodwill Industries works in collaboration with the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC), Palm Beach Sherriff’s Office (PBSO) and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to provide re-entry services to individuals who are returning home from a period of incarceration to Palm Beach County Communities. Through community partnerships we provide person’s with convictions with pre-and post-release services to assist with their transition back into the community. This program receives referrals from Community partners, FDC facilities and PBSO Jail.

Each participant served through Gulfstream Goodwill’s SCA Adult Re-entry Services receives a Master Level Case Manager who works with them to address their needs and concerns. The participant is given the tools and guidance to deal with the barriers created by their past, creating a pathway to their future. Services and referrals offered include but are not limited to assessment, transitional housing, one-on-one counseling, empowerment groups, family reunification, substance abuse treatment and/or counseling, Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA), applications for community assistance, obtaining identification, and assistance with employment. The goals of the program are to help participants develop a better and more productive life for themselves and their families, reduce recidivism and increase public safety throughout Palm Beach County.

Transitional Jobs allow our participants to partner with Gulfstream Goodwill Industries (GGI) Retail Stores and Warehouses. Adult Reentry participants can work the GGI’s retail and warehouse transitional job as a Retail Production Associate or a Warehouse Salvage Worker. This transitional job allows reentry participants to work up to 40 hours per week. Additionally, while participating in the Transitional Job, participants will also attend an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral intervention called Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT).


For more information about our adult justice services, please contact the Director of Justice Services Laura Waterman at (561) 848-7200, ext. 2284, or

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