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Project SEARCH is a partnership between business and education. Project SEARCH is a national program which began in 1996 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Ohio. The concept of the program is to prepare students in their final year of school to transition to full-time employment. Students serve as interns and learn the soft skills necessary to maintain employment, as well as work skills that are complex and systematic.


Students are prepared to transition into full-time employment through Project Search. Project Search is a national partnership between businesses and select schools to provide a six-hour internship, as well as daily vocational and independent life skills training. Students learn essential soft skills along with complex and systematic work skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment.

Project Employment

Project Employment is also a partnership between business and education. Project Employment is a program for students who are not yet in their final year of school, or who still need/desire classroom instruction for part of the day.These students serve as interns three hours a day at the employer work site and then attend classes on campus for the rest of the day. At the work site, students receive on-the-job training to increase their stamina and learn the soft skills necessary to maintain employment.

In both programs, a student may choose to become employed at any time. They will receive job coaching on a weekly basis to ensure long term success as long as they remain enrolled in the Transition to Life Academy. Transition to Life Academy is currently accepting applications! Spots for our programs fill up quickly. There is an interview process for selection into the employment programs. Call or visit the school with any questions you may have.


Pre-Vocational Training

Students attend the Pre-Vocational Training program at the school full time. They receive a daily schedule of classes, such as independent living, career prep, computer, reading and math. Classes are designed to instruct students on skills for adult life with the focus of skills needed for work and independence. Vocational guidance and practical lessons are taught in the classroom and then applied in the community. This includes visits to businesses for job shadowing, shopping and leisure, and recreation. Instruction in travel training is provided during community-based training.

Employment Services

An employment consultant works with students to assist them in a career search. Guidance is provided to each student to ensure success when employment is obtained. All factors, such as interests, strengths and skill levels, are identified.

Job Coaching/Supported Employment

All students receive initial job coaching when they begin employment. A joint decision about when the job coach should begin to fade services is made among the student, the employer and the job coach when the student is stable with employment. Job coaching is provided as an ongoing service to ensure employment success. Students are visited a minimum of one time per week (more if needed) throughout their employment while enrolled at the Career Academy of the Palm Beaches.

Weekly visits are scheduled with students at job sites while enrolled at the academy. Job coaches and employers work with each student individually to assess needs and set personal and professional goals.

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