Store Policies

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Gulfstream Goodwill accepts cash, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards for payment.

Return Policy


  • There are no returns or exchanges for clothing, shoes, or furniture. 
  • In-store credit will be issued, and no cash or credit card refunds are permitted. 
  • Packaged items must be returned in their original packaging.

  • The original sales receipt is required as proof of purchase at the time of the return.
  • Packaged items must be returned in their original packaging. 
  • Store credit can be redeemed at any of our Gulfstream Goodwill locations. 
Loading Assistance

A Goodwill associate may assist you in loading furniture purchases into your vehicle.


Please note:
We can help you load purchases only if the purchase can be safely transported in your vehicle. For example, Goodwill cannot help you tie an item to the roof of your car or load an item that will be sticking out of a window or trunk.


Goodwill is not liable for any damage or injury that results from the loading or transportation of your purchase.


Delivery of furniture that is purchased is not available.


All furniture purchases must be picked up within 24 hours. If a customer does not return within 24 hours of the purchase the furniture will be returned to the sales floor and offered for sale.


Store credit will be given (per the conditions of the return policy) to the purchaser of the merchandise if they return after the 24 hours hold period and the item has been resold.

Pricing & Discounting Policy

We make every effort to price our merchandise competitively. The store Manager On Duty (MOD) is not allowed to approve discounts, or change prices.


Items that have had the colored plastic marker or price removed will be removed from the sales floor for repricing.


Our best price will be provided to customers as discounts cannot be combined. Any ongoing sale or promotion will default to the best price option to our customer.


Merchandise cannot be held unless a customer is actively shopping in the store. Under this circumstance, Large items (unable to fit in a shopping cart) can be held at the cash wrap. If the customer discontinues shopping and leaves the store, the items will be returned to the sales floor.

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